5 of England's greatest ever kits

1966 - Away

For obvious reasons, the most iconic kit in English football history.

1980/83 - Home

You’ll be hard-stretched to find a kit that screams 80s more than this. The block colours and detail on the collar look just as good on a sock.

1997/99 - Home

Whilst the black and red collar and side panels initially catch the eye with this kit, it’s the shadow stripe and centred badge, Umbro logo and player number that make the 1997-99 shirt great. That Michael Owen goal against Argentina also helps…

1990/92 - Third

After five years waiting in the wings, the FA finally managed to unleash this gorgeous mess of a blue shirt in just one full international against Turkey. Now best known for its’ appearance in New Order's World In Motion video.

1995/96 - Home

There’s something about a collar that instantly makes a kit 72% better, isn’t there? England’s 1995-96 effort with matching shades of blue on the shorts and collar was a beauty.