Six of the best lace collar kits in history

France 1996/98 – Home

Lace collar aside, the matching stripe pattern on the shoulder and oversized collar alone made this kit brilliant. Throw the red, white and blue lace and shadow printed badge into the mix and you have an iconic shirt.

Man Utd 1992/94 – Third

The green and gold on Man Utd’s 92/94 paid tribute to the colours of Newton Heath, the club from which modern day United emerged. Whilst not necessarily easy on the eye, the striking colour palette combines with the lace collar to make a memorable kit for every United fan.

Ajax 1993/94 – Away

A running theme when looking back at iconic lace collar kits is that almost all of them are from the 90s. Ajax’s 93/94 away kit is no different, and the combination of the centred badge, yellow detail and pastel blue stripes produce a shirt that just screams 90s football.

Aston Villa 1992/1993 – Home

The circular blue stripe across the chest of Aston Villa’s 92/93 home kit gave the shirt a medieval feel, though Villa certainly weren’t playing in the dark ages during the season – finishing second in the English top flight. A simple sponsor, baggy arms and crisp white lace were the perfect touches.

Sampdoria 1994/95 – Home

What’s not to love about Sampdoria’s 94/95 home kit. No need for a description on this one, just admire the beauty of it.

Boca Juniors 1919/1920 – Home

Simply a classic, the blue and gold that emblazons every Boca home kit are certainly not out of place when paired with a matching yellow lace collar. There’s no need for a club badge when you have a design this distinctive.