The worst Tottenham kits of the Premier League era

1995/96 – Goalkeeper

Goalkeeper kits usually get a pass for their outrageous designs and colours, however the 1995/96 attempt from Spurs was truly shambolic. Had it been released as a Christmas jumper we could understand the design choice, what was the thinking behind this?!

2007 – 125 Years Anniversary

The nature of a special anniversary kit means this shirt no doubt has a good number of fans, but we can’t help but think this knock-off Blackburn design was merely a marketing ploy to milk the occasion and get fans to buy another shirt.

2006/07 – Third

This one doesn’t even need an explanation, look at the state of it. The replica version was also made from a material with no elasticity at all, an awful design made of awful material.

2016/17 – Away

If you’ve ever visited Ikea you’ll know why this kit makes the list. The gold was a mistake from the start, add the stripes into the mix and you quickly have an Ikea uniform on your hands.

2009/10 – Home

This made our list of the 5 worst shirts in Premier League history so simply had to be included here. The yellow flanks and swipes across the chest and cheap looking Casino sponsor were highly problematic.